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Anne Belgram-Perkins

Clinical Psychologist, ICEEFT Certified Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer, President and Founder of EFT France

Anne Belgram-Perkins is a bilingual clinical psychologist licensed in France and an ICEEFT-certified EFT therapist, supervisor and trainer. A native American naturalised French, Anne has over twenty years of experience working as a therapist and psychologist in both institutions and in private practice.

Anne is an ardent proponent of EFT, and dedicated to developing this profoundly humanistic model of therapy in her adopted country. She is passionate about helping people improve their emotional lives and relationships. Moreover, Anne has a strong interest in supporting and supervising therapists. In addition to her busy therapy practice, Anne heads the growing EFT community in France and is responsible for organising and leading ICEEFT-approved EFT trainings and events in France. She also participates in EFT trainings and events in other countries.

Anne is the founder and president of EFT France.

Details / Détails

  • Proposed Services

    Individual sessions, Couples sessions, Family Sessions

  • EFT Training


  • Languages

    English, French


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