Therapist Details / Détails du thérapeute

Amine Mallat-Lopez

Clinical Psychologist -Psychotherapist

Through my journey as a therapist I always felt compelled to go further in the study of what makes us human. I hence furthered my knowledge and experience in interpersonal neurobiology. Interpersonal neurobiology is the study of how emotions affect our relations with others and vice versa.

I’m initially a cognitive behavioural therapist who discovered that there is more in a person then mere thoughts and behaviour. In a person there are also emotions. There are so many of them that we want to share them and become a couple. So I became a couple therapist who listens to these emotions when they ache between two people and help soothe and transform them to heal the relationship. I can do this work in four languages, which proves how dedicated I am!

Details / Détails

  • Proposed Services

    Individual sessions, Couples sessions, Family Sessions

  • EFT Training

    FB (formation de base), CS1 (Core Skills 1), CS2 (Core Skills 2)

  • Languages

    English, French

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