Emotional Focused Couple Therapy is the essential and exciting tool of my practice. 

And because Emotions nourish our lives, I also use Emotion Resolution (Tipi°) on an individual basis, to free myself from overwhelming emotions.

Dental Surgeon 28 years ago, I quickly turned to accompanying couples. “I heal « la dent », I heal the « Adam » … and Eve.”

 As a Marriage and Family Counsellor, I help to step back and decipher what is going on in the relationship.

As a natural birth control instructor, I have followed couples for 20 years in this specific area of their intimacy.

As an educator in affectivity and sexuality, I work with teenagers, parents, in schools, associations… In this context, I lead interactive and fun mother-young daughter workshops to discover puberty, the cycle, the beauty of the body: CycloShow°.

Two Addresses for Appointments
1 Avenue de la Vierge-32600 L’ISLE JOURDAIN
65 route de Toulouse-31820 PIBRAC