Je suis passionnée par la thérapie centrée sur les émotions. Cette approche positive, profondément humaniste et en même temps rigoureuse , validée par la recherche,  répond aux valeurs qui m’animent pour aider et  accompagner au mieux les personnes que je reçois. Bienveillance, collaboration et travail en profondeur caractérisent ce modèle de thérapie: A plusieurs, nous œuvrons pour son développement afin d’en faire  bénéficier le plus grand nombre.

I am a Marriage and Family Counsellor, I am a Marriage and Family Counsellor, and I am trained in Emotionally Centered Therapy, which I rely on in couple counseling. I accompany couples, individuals (young people or adults), as well as families, in their relational, emotional or sexual difficulties.

My private practice is located in Rennes.

For 11 years, I have been leading interventions with young people in schools on the theme of relational and sexual affective education. I animate CycloShow workshops on puberty with young girls.  For 18 years, I have accompanied couples on birth control and sexuality.

I have worked as a nurse, passionate about relationships and the human person as a whole. I have the experience of the helping relationship, in a humanistic approach.

I have worked in France and abroad, in institutions and at home.