Janelle is a dedicated therapist who works with individuals, couples,
adolescents and groups in both French and English in a private practice
as well as in a specialized center for patients recovering from cancer.

She was born in the U.S. but has called France her home for more than
16 years with her French husband and two children. In 1993, she moved
from her childhood home in Philadelphia to the Big Apple to study, and
since that moment, her passion has been for wellness, healing and
creating happiness and joy in the lives of those around her.

Her goal: to help make the world a better place with healthier,
happier people and communities.

Through my journey as a therapist I always felt compelled to go further in the study of what makes us human. I hence furthered my knowledge and experience in interpersonal neurobiology. Interpersonal neurobiology is the study of how emotions affect our relations with others and vice versa.

I’m initially a cognitive behavioural therapist who discovered that there is more in a person then mere thoughts and behaviour. In a person there are also emotions. There are so many of them that we want to share them and become a couple. So I became a couple therapist who listens to these emotions when they ache between two people and help soothe and transform them to heal the relationship. I can do this work in four languages, which proves how dedicated I am!

I can help you restore harmony in your couple and give you the keys to a healthy & satisfying relationship.

I am convinced your happiness depends on the quality of your relationships. A stable relationship helps us maintain good health, opens our heart and conserves our vitality.

I am trained in and combine multiple approaches. Each couple has specific needs and I propose a personalized accompaniment adapted to each situation.

Sessions proposed in Paris and Cannes:

2 place saint Sulpice 75006 Paris

37 rue de Puissanton 06220 Vallauris